Did you know that Greece CSD has fully transitioned from Common Core to the Next Generation Learning Standards in both ELA and Math for grades K-8?

NYS began the process of moving from Common Core to the Next Generation Learning Standards in 2017, and, while slowed by the pandemic, Greece CSD has fully transitioned to the Next Generation Learning Standards in both ELA and Math for grades K-8. Grades 9-12 have been transitioning to the new standards, and next school year marks the start of Regents Exams based on the new standards in some subject areas, with the others being phased in shorty thereafter.

Did you know that there are candidates in the Greece BOE Election that are building their platform on moving away from Common Core? This issue has already been solved. For example, there are candidates whose website lists this as part of their solutions to the challenges of 2023:

The Greece Teachers, GASA, and AGCEP have endorsed three candidates who know what the Learning Standards are in NY State: McCABE, BUTLER, & MALONEY. They’re focused on the issues of today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

Campaign to Protect Our Schools: Help Get Out the Vote for Greece School Board Elections. Our district is on the line. Our community is on the line. Our students are on the line.

Start: Saturday, May 13, 2023 • 10:00 AM

Location: Greece Teachers’ Association • 120 Erie Canal Dr. #320, Rochester, NY 14626 US

Host Contact Info: Greece Teachers’ Association

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ALL ARE WELCOME! Join the Greece Teachers Association, Association of Greece Central Educational Professionals (AGCEP), Greece Administrators and Supervisors Association (GASA), Teamsters Local Union 118, and community members as we rally and go door-to-door to support Sean McCabe, Todd Butler, and William Maloney for Greece School Board.

These are candidates who have integrity, who you can trust, and who have the best interests of the students and families of Greece in mind.

Let’s keep your skills sharp over the weekend with another quiz from your friends at the GTA

Which three GCSD Unions ALL endorsed McCABE, BUTLER, & MAHONEY? A) GTA B) GASA (Greece Administrators & Supervisors Association) C) AGCEP (Association of Greece Central Educational Professionals) D) All of the Above @seanhmccabe

If you answered D, you were right!

Three unions of educators agree, McCABE, BUTLER & MAHONEY are the best choices for Board of Education. It’s a hat trick!

Did you know that many of the things that Scott/Millan/Stenzel suggest in their platform have already been addressed by the current BOE, including incumbent candidates McCabe and Maloney? Some of these include:

  • Having appropriate teacher and non-teacher staffing
    • The current BOE and GCSD have worked tirelessly this year to find innovative recruitment plans. They have also agreed on new contracts for GASA/GUSS/GTA. These contracts have made the district more enticing for new employees.