GEF Eagles for Education Golf Tournament Information

Please consider rallying the troops to create a team or two for the Eagles for Education GEF golf tournament.  The GEF has raised over $450,000 since its beginning and all of that money has returned to students and teachers in the form of grants.  The golf tournament is the GEF’s biggest fundraiser and a strong showing of support will surely help future grants in our schools.

In the past, some buildings have offset the cost of the tournament by asking GTA members to pitch in a few dollars and then having the foursome make up the difference.  In other buildings, enough members donated $5 or $10 making it possible for the school to send 2 teams.

Hopefully you can gather some interest so each Greece school can be represented.  It is a great time with great food, drink, and company.

Flyer here:  2017 Golf brochure

The Opt-Out Movement

The ‘Opt Out’ Movement, as supporters are calling it, said taking these standardized tests are just a big waste of time. The purpose of these tests are so schools can properly evaluate how their teachers and students are performing, but the Monroe County Federation of Teachers met to complain about them. The group said these tests are too long and there isn’t any substantial evidence of ‘real changes’ to the schools themselves as a result of taking these exams. In addition, they said results are released too late for parents and students to learn from them.

Source: The Opt-Out Movement

DAY OF ACTION: Western New York activists call for resistance to any anti-public education policy


GTA President Jason Cooney


Nearly 100 people representing at least a dozen NYSUT local unions, parents, students, labor leaders, religious leaders, civic leaders and community members huddled together in the cold evening air outside Rochester’s School Without Walls Thursday.

In chants and speeches, and on signs and shields, they called for access to a high-quality public education for every student and stood up against the Trump-DeVos political agenda. They sent a clear message to the new Trump administration that any attempt to privatize, demonize, supplant or divest in public education will be met with resistance.

Full story from NYSUT here.

Please Help the Greece PD Identify These Individuals

The GCSD and GPD would like to identify these individuals suspected in connection with using a credit card that was taken from a GTA member’s vehicle in Odyssey parking lot earlier this week. W-M unique ball cap.