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KTBA is proud to once again partner with The Distillery Restaurants and House of Guitars to benefit music programs in Rochester-area schools!

This year, “Round Up for Rochester!” is spreading the love to three different schools: Greece Central School District, Rush-Henrietta School District, and Aquinas Institute!

DONATE NOW and give a shout out in honor of a special teacher, friend, or family member! Please make sure to specify which school to which your donation should be applied to! KTBA will *match your gift* up to $1,000.00 per school! Let’s share the gift of music with the next generation!


Good News! Legal Challenge to New York Teacher Evaluations Will Proceed in Court

Diane Ravitch's blog

Bruce Lederman, an attorney acting on behalf of his wife, experienced elementary school teacher Sheri Lederman, filed suit to challenge the state’s teacher evaluation system. The New York State Education Department sought to have the case thrown out. Today, the New York Supreme Court ruled that the lawsuit can go forward. Good for the Ledermans!

From Bruce Lederman:

The NY Supreme Court has denied a motion by the NY Education Department to dismiss the Lederman v. King lawsuit, in which an 18 year veteran Great Neck teacher has challenged a rating of “ineffective” based upon a growth score of 1 out of 20 points, even though her students performed exceptionally well on standardized tests.

This means that the NY Education Department must now answer to a Judge and explain why a rating which is irrational by any reasonable standard should be permitted to remain. The NY Education Department argued that…

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Governor Cuomo Says State Tests Are “Meaningless,” So Why Should Students Do Their Best?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t understand why students should opt out of state testing, because the tests won’t count against students. Instead, they will be used to rank and evaluate teachers. So, he wonders, why should students opt out?

But the governor is not recognizing the consequences of his statement. As one blogger asked, why should students take the tests if they are meaningless?

That is a good reason to opt out. Why should students waste their time on tests that are meaningless?

But more important, if the students are not motivated to do their best, if they know the tests don’t count, why should teachers be evaluated by their students’ lack of effort? Taking a test is not like stepping on a scale. The scores vary depending on many factors, not least of which is motivation. If students go into the tests knowing they don’t matter, why should they try?

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