Teacher Evaluations Video from WCNY with our own Rob Stalter

Teacher evaluations- How should good teaching be measured. Should student performance count? By how much? The link between student test scores and teacher evaluations was one reason behind last year’s opt-out movement in New York Schools. Can evaluations improve teaching? And how do we retain the best? Teacher Evaluations, Retention and Development. It’s next on Connect: NY


Social Justice Committee News

School Supplies

The Social Justice Committee of the GTA worked in collaboration with the Greece Central School District to significantly reduce student supply costs for many buildings in the district for this current school year.   The goal moving forward will to spread the impact of this initiative throughout the entire school district for 2016-2017.



The Social Justice Committee of the GTA wanted to make a difference for students wanting to play musical instruments who were struggling with the cost of rent or ownership.  Through a gently used musical instrument drive for district staff, almost $2,700 worth of instruments were collected.  These instruments will be used by students in the district who could not otherwise afford to participate in our district’s school music program.