Our post-election message to the Greece Central Family

To The GCSD Community:

Thank you for supporting Sean McCabe, William Maloney, and Todd Butler for the Board of Education. We congratulate Sean and Bill for your re-elections, and especially Todd for your first election to our School Board. Welcome aboard! This was a resounding win for all of Greece.

We are buoyed with hope for our shared futures by seeing the community come out to the polls in numbers far surpassing last year and supporting all three candidates endorsed by the GTA, GASA, AGCEP, and Teamsters. It was a true collaborative, team effort that paid off in a statement election victory for these candidates.

We also extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Scott, Mr. Millan, and Mr. Stenzel for running. While we didn’t necessarily agree with what you proposed bringing to the Board, we know that everyone who runs for School Board is doing so because they care about the success of our students. It is through robust debates and healthy competition that we can truly discover the best path forward for our district. Thank you.

One thing that this election illuminated is that there no shortage of work to be done in Greece CSD. A functional, compassionate, informed School Board doesn’t solve our challenges, but it’s the foundation that supports all of us in our mission to give the young people of the Town of Greece the best educational experience that we can.

Thank you voters. Thank you to our fellow GTA members. Thank you GASA, AGCEP, and Teamsters. Thank you Sean, Bill, and Todd.

We guess we can just say: Thank you Greece!

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