Proposed GTA Bylaws Vote- November 13

GTA Members, voting season for you isn’t done yet!

At our most recent Rep Assembly Meeting, a movement was made to bring the proposed changes to GTA Bylaws to full Membership for a vote. That movement passed unanimously, 20-0.  Per the current Bylaws, the vote will take place next Tuesday, November 13, and requires a “Yes” vote from the majority of membership to pass.

A summary of the changes, as well as the full, specific changes, were shared with membership via district email last week.  The Elections Committee has already begun work on vote, and absentee ballots for district-wide teachers have been sent out.

If you need an absentee ballot or any other information about this important vote, please contact the GTA Office at 471-5765.  We encourage all members to make your voice known and vote on this measure!

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