2 thoughts on “Nov. 2015 Professional Times Newsletter

  1. I love the Teaching Tolerance materials. Are the individual Greece schools utilizing their free resources? Also, has any talk of a community or parent committee come out of this? I am very interested. Thank you, Julie

  2. So glad you enjoyed the Teaching Tolerance materials Julie! Some schools use their free resources, especially at the middle and high school levels. I wanted to reintroduce them to the elementary teachers as well. Future editions of the Newsletter will include Teaching Tolerance materials as they become available and are pertinent to our important work with students/parents/staff throughout 2016. They have so much to offer! I haven’t heard of a community or parent committee come out of this yet. Perhaps a great place to start might be at the building level through the PTA. They can use the free resources too for parent information nights. Thanks for your response!

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