GTA TODAY May 2013

By Don Pallozzi

GTA Elections: May 7 is Election Day and it is a scoring day. You have a few options
to vote: 1.go to your building during the work day and vote, 2. get an absentee ballot
and 3. vote at the GTA office by absentee ballot. If you would prefer the absentee ballot
please contact the office at 621-7970.

The contested elections include: VP for Finance with incumbent Cori Salvaggio
challenged by Carol Jean Miceli, Middle School Advisor with incumbent Dave Metzger
challenged by Jo Melecca-Voigt and current Elementary advisor Joe Lombardo is
running along with Chris Marino and Lisa Farina. The elementary race will choose 2
advisors from the three candidates.

On the ballot will be representatives for both the TRS and NYSUT Rep Assembly.

Buildings should also be electing reps for next year. Buildings are allocated 1 rep per
15 members.

June 8 Rally Join NYSUT in Albany: It was brought to my attention that people were
not aware of our stance on testing. Everything about this year’s testing is wrong. It is
wrong for students. It exemplifies how not to roll out new systems and materials. The
way the Common Core Learning Standards have been implemented as well as this
year’s testing is another example of the complete disconnect between what happens in
classrooms and the State.

BOE Election: I’m sure you are aware that only two candidates are running for the
three positions available in this year’s election. This year there is the potential for a
write in candidate. This is an important opportunity to vote and shape the Board of
Education. I encourage all of our members who are Greece residents to vote on May

District Art Show, May 9 – May 15: The District Art Show opens this week at the
mall. It’s a great opportunity to see the tremendous work our kids do with our talented

Last Pay Day: The last pay day for school year 2013 is June 21.

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