GTA TODAY April 2013

By Don Pallozzi

Political Action App: NYSUT has developed a mobile app for virtually instant political
action. The attached link will bring you to the site and give directions for the app. https:/

Last Pay Day: The last pay day for school year 2013 is June 21.

Computer Use and Social Media: NYSUT Legal did an overview of current issues
prominent around the state based on disciplinary issues they have been involved in.
One of the biggest concerns is the increase in social media posts, particularly during
the work day. Their caution is the obvious; don’t assume the computer is your personal
property or that you have any assurance of privacy on equipment belonging to the
District. They also cautioned against posting information on opting out of the state tests
on your Facebook page. More details were posted below.

June 8 Rally Join NYSUT in Albany: NYSUT will be sponsoring the Saturday trip to
Albany. If you are planning to attend please notify Cathy as soon as possible. This is
one more opportunity to let Albany know our stance on testing.

GTA Elections: May 7 is election day and it is a scoring day. You have a few options
to vote: 1.go to your building during the work day and vote, 2. get an absentee ballot
and 3. vote at the GTA office by absentee ballot. If you would prefer the absentee ballot
please contact the office at 621-7970.

The contested elections include: VP for Finance with incumbent Cori Salvaggio
challenged by Carol Jean Miceli, Middle School Advisor with incumbent Dave Metzger
challenged by Jo Melecca-Voigt and Elementary advisor with Joe Lombardo being
challenged by both Chris Marino and Lisa Farina.

On the ballot will be representatives for both the TRS and NYSUT Rep Assembly.

Rep Assembly: Brian Casey and Dave Metzger attended the NYSUT Representative
Assembly, held in Washington D.C. this year, in April. Look for their feedback on our

APPR Review: The Association and District are meeting to review the current APPR
with an eye on improving the process. The hope is to have it completed by the
September 1 deadline set by SED. The deadline really is no threat, as it was last year,
since the regulations now allow for the Triboroughing of past agreements. We will
continue to update members as we proceed.

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