GTA TODAY January 2013

By Don Pallozzi

National Board Certification: Congratulations to Claudine Dixon on achieving
National Board Certification. Claudine, the ARHS librarian, is one of only 156 teachers
attaining this certification statewide in the 2012/13 school year.

Taxes: The annual dues for the 2012/13 calendar year were $691.00. If you are a new
hire the pay stub from December 22, 2012 has a year to date summary (YTD) for dues
deducted between September and December.

Retirement Incentive: The Superintendent does not appear inclined to offer an
enhanced incentive, despite my persistence. Hard to believe!

Elections: The elected positions include: President, Vice President, Vice President
for Finance, Elementary (2), Middle and High School Advisors, Vice President for
Educational Programs, and Vice President for Public Relations. Additional elected
positions that will appear on the ballot include New York State Teacher Retirement
System Delegate and NYSUT Representative Assembly Delegate. Elections will
take place in May but a declaration of Candidacy must be submitted to the elections
committee no later than 10 school days prior to an election. All candidates must be
members of the Association.

I will post specific campaign information in the future. We will be forming an elections
committee so if you are interested please contact me.

Local Contract Settlements: Spencerport settled recently and below is a comparison
of their recent settlement and our current agreement. They do not have steps.


Food Drive: Please start collecting. Our goal is to beat last year’s record of over
11,000 pounds of food. We will be collecting on February 15. Please help make this a

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