Real Men Wear Pink

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Why I Wear Pink

Breast cancer has impacted everyone in one way or another.   As the President of the Greece Teachers Association, I am fortunate to work with over 1,000 teachers and countless members of the Greece community.  Imagine the difference that can be made when a group that large works together to help the American Cancer Society.  By raising money and awareness through Real Men Wear Pink, I’m hoping that more lives can be saved from cancer.

Please click here to join Brian on his campaign, and thank you for your support!

Safety advocates call for changes to Rt. 260 after fatal crash

Brockport teacher Carrie Ray was killed while riding her bicycle along Sweden Walker Road earlier this month

Some safety advocates say critical oversights when the road was repaved and striped, made Rt. 260 extremely dangerous.

GTA’s Will Haines rides that same stretch of road and is calling for change.

“I really just decided I wanted to do something in her honor and really try to improve the road,” said Haines.

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