Education Dept. delays new teacher evaluations

From the D&C…complete story linked…

The state Education Department plans to delay the implementation of new teacher evaluations from this November to September 2016, saying that the current deadline is “unrealistic.”

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Governor Cuomo, put politics aside and put our kids first.

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News from the GTA Social Justice Committee: Operation Warm

Through the Social Justice Committee, the GTA has teamed with the Ridge Road Firefighters on Operation Warm, a program to help provide new winter coats to children in need.

For more information, including a link to donate, click here. You can also click the image below to access a video describing the project and the partnership.  Both of these resources are also available on the right side of our page under “Links.”

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NYS Assemblywoman Steps Up Anti-Teacher Rhetoric

What does “Ethically Tainted” NYS Assemblywoman Carmen E. Arroyo, 84th District, think of our profession? 


“Those teachers that are responsible and are doing their job, those teachers that sacrifice their families and themselves for the children they serve are going to be protected.  Those that are not good, better get a job at McDonalds.” 

In light of the fact that Ms. Arroyo voted for Cuomo’s terrible agenda, these comments are even more insulting. Her belief that for us to keep our jobs we must sacrifice our families is more than demeaning.

The Assemblywoman can be contacted at:



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How did your elected NYS Senators and Assemblymen and Assemblywomen vote?


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“Refusing The Test” Resources

From NYS ALLIES for Public Education



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“Opt Out” information from NYSUT

Please see the linked resources from NYSUT regarding facts on opting out of state tests, in particular the first link to the Fact Sheet.

NYSUT Parent and Teacher Fact Sheet on Opt Out

Opt-out movement growing

NYSUT blasts ‘irresponsible’ Regents message on ‘opt out

NYSUT strongly condemns ‘sit and stare’ policies

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Spencerport Rally 5:50 PM TONIGHT!




“Positive Picket” starts at 5:50

Community Forum at 7:00

Please wear GTA gear or school gear to the event.

Spencerport Flyer

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What is the amount of money that Greece students have been shorted by their Governor?Cuomo Funding

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Where Have All The Teachers Gone?


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